Wigan Grammar School
John Bradburn
1920 - 2009
John Bradburn
Tribute by Gerry Finnan
Sadly, John passed away in July 2009

A tribute by Gerry Finan  read at Johns Funeral
John Bradburn was a man of honour and moral rectitude.
A man of principle.
He believed in his fellow humans and was a born communicator.
He was kind and helpful and always found time for others.
Ask him and he was there, giving full support.
He was creative and innovative – ask anyone who knew him at the Grammar School or Wigan Cricket Club, where he blew away the cobwebs and changed attitudes.
He was honest and true and expected this of others.
Friendship was writ large in his copybook, as all of us here can vouchsafe.
He was full of humour and could jest with the best.
And he was full of energy and drive, especially in his charitable work in Rotary and in many other fields.

Where did he find the time? Well, he had the perfect foil in Audrey, who was his anchorwoman, and he had the unstinting support of all his family in his various activities. Audrey herself was very active and together they were a powerful and loveable team. Apart from his strength of character, John had charisma. He was always in the thick of things, the centre of attention. Not that he sought that attention. He was never promoting John Bradburn the person but the project or cause at hand. But there was also the Bradburn charm. He was very good at persuading others to join in, to be part of the team.

He was truly a local legend, very proud of his roots in Goose Green. A man for all seasons.

Over the years John and I had many long telephone conversations.
More recently he referred to himself as a peripatetic parcel being passed around his caring family, mostly between Oxford and Sitges. But he obviously loved every minute of it.

These few words of mine are but a microcosm of the full picture. Alas it is all over now. We are gathered here to pay our final respects and say our final goodbyes, ever grateful, John, for the way you have touched, indeed enriched, our lives.

Goodbye and thank-you.