Wigan Grammar School
2015 Dinner


Wigan Grammar School Old Boys Meet Again

Almost 150 former pupils of Wigan Grammar School attended a reunion dinner at Wigan Cricket Club in April 2015. The members of the association meet annually and enjoy an evening of reminiscences and nostalgia. 

The guest speaker this year was Keith Trencher he attended the school between 1956 and 1964. He entered education in 1974, became at Gidlow and then Pemberton High School specialising in Art. He then developed lins with German schools, worked on the "Comenius" programme, then became a Programme Leader across Europe. His further interests lie in "minorities", cultures and peace initiatives ahilst holding positions as an ambassador fo EU Church work an Rotary Club.


Lupton, Osborne, Davies, Finan, G.Topping
Winstanley, Ainscough, J.Hampson
Nicholson, Rigby, Trencher, W.Seddon
Wadsworth, F.Foster, D.Foster
G. Benfold, Finney, Thorpe, C.Benfold,Prescott
T.Gerrard, Edgar,Higham
G.Wilkinson, J.Carrington, N.Cunliffe, Hilton, McWilliam
Jones, K.Carrington, Kennedy
Unsworth, G.Preston, M.Preston, Watts,Culshaw
Clough, Jackson, Gregory
Balmer, Green, P.Atty, Mapson, D.Seddon
Atherton, Parkinson, Aitken
Hammond, Brown, Barnes, F.Taylor, Inglis
E.Wilkinson, Liptrot, Eastwood
H.Lloyd, Latham, Holliday, Wade, Hargreaves
J.Preston, Storey, Downham
Speakman, Hill, Morgan, Housley
F.Topping, N.Cunliffe, P.Cunliffe
A.Gerrard, Gore, Bradshaw, McCutcheon, Walmsley
Lea, Maiden, Ashcroft
Parkinson, Aitken, Balmer,C.Atty, Mapson
Wharrier, Green, Atherton
Molyneux, Matthewson, McCann, Clinch, Hawthorne
Turner, Bretherton, J.Horrocks
Worthington, Greenall, Woods, Brannon, Ford
P.Yates, S.Yates, Robinson
Lythgoe, Cookson, Rollins
Littler, Martindale, Hitchen